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Imatra – calls!
The European network for developement and studing of printmaking. Second workshop in Imatra.
Welcome to international printmaking workshop at Imatra 14.8. – 22.8.2010!
Workshop continues straight from what we started in Göteborg to develope and study printmaking.
The workshop takes place at Saimaa University of Applied sciences in printmaking workshop. Accommodation has been arranged for all participants in nearby school buildings. You have also possibility to have a private room in
nearby hotel Vuoksen Hovi (300m from workshop) but then you have to pay it yourself (prices from 60e to 80e / single room or twin room). Please inform me if you want to stay in hotel, we will reserve a room for you. Workshop includes
daily free lunch, free accommodation and free basic materials for working. You only have to pay your own transportation to here. You can have flights to Lappeenranta or to Helsinki airports and then you have to continue by train.
If you tell us your exact arrival time, we can pick you up from Lappeenranta airport or from Imatra train station.
In workshop you can work in intaglio, lithographic or silkscreen workshops.
We have digital laboratory (to make films etc.) where Jim Berggren helps you if needed. So when you inform us about your arrival, tell also which workshops
you want to participate. Let us know if you want to demonstrate new working methods or materials.
We hope that you can send or take 3-5 graphic prints with you for the exhibition that we will build up. Exhibition will be at Imatra city centre in gallery Human Culture. After this, the exhibition will go on tour in other participate member countries.
Let me know about your arrival before 15.7.2010 by email
Address: Saimaa University of Applied Sciences / Fine Art
Siitolankatu 2, 55100 Imatra Finland

workshop possibilities:
intaglio, lithographic, silkscreen
with digital laboratory
exhibition in Human Culture –gallery
demonstrations of “new” materials
free open table work shows
lectures, debates
relaxing sauna parties






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