The Journeyman´s Walk project

The Journeyman´s Walk project is a mobile artproject based on advanced knowledge production in printmaking/artefactual artmaking & communication. It´s actions are directed towards professional artists & the general public with an educational core in the practice based artwork. Our network, holds a lot of expertise: from ancient printing techniques, methods & materials to their comtemporary cooperations with the latest digital possibilities. It will increase international potentials, to share & develop an advanced knowledge production within the field of printmaking. The workshops are there, fully equipped. Artists can travel & be both masters & aprentices & each locality has their outgoing audience approach; the education thus concerns both artists & audience. This is due to a lack of visual art education on all levels. It has long left an unjustifiable big part of material based artistic knowledge production aside in favor of text as the main material to create meaning in art. We are not hostile to textual creating of meaning but still oppose this approach for being too narrow-minded & underestimating today´s vast visual communication. There is no effortless understanding in art & a ”knowledge society” must show great diversity, also in art. Without training there will be no audiences. The time we live in is preoccupied with text & analytic reflection, the creation of meaning is not. It is activated in many more ways. We advocate a pluralistic attitude to involve the whole spectrum of what is really going on in the arts & to widen it further – to reach outside of the traditional art sector – the project also includes development of new digitalized audience possibilities that highlights the important role that printmaking has had & still has to a participating identity & how it today relates to the digital media that opens for an artistic pluralism needed to support a sustainable, pluralist, open & democratic society.