Endegra is a network of workshops at various organizational levels.
The network has no chairperson or board meetings, is without statutes and bank account. The activities that link the nodes in the network are conducted in the different workshops and today the network consists of 22 smaller and larger workshops in more than 10 European countries.

The 8th ENDEGRA meeting was held in 2016 in Imatra, Finland.
Plans are in the making for future meetings in Estonia 2018 and Germany 2019.

Since 2009, 8 ENDEGRA meetings have been held in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany.
The meetings have between 30-50 participants and is an intensive week of work in various workshops, studies, conversations, discussions and lectures. Appreciated features during each meeting are the joint exhibition and Open Table Shows where individual participants show their own works, present working methods, experiments, ideas, etc. while interested colleagues take part and ask questions and contribute with comments and discussion. It is a nutritious concentration of advanced knowledge that is activated during the meeting week, the enthusiasm is great, contacts are made, exchanges are planned.
From these meetings, the idea of a Journeyman’s Walk has emerged. The project is about material-based art production, in the realm of printmaking, where artistic knowledge can be conveyed and developed in workshop-based partnerships by enabling opportunities for hands-on exchanges of advanced knowledge in the field.

Journeyman’s Walk is aimed at established artists and, not least, advanced art-students in printmaking who need to access the action spaces for the practical art-making, where the exchange of advanced knowledge can take place. The reason is to strengthen the art of printmaking and thus strengthening the public’s communicative content.