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Dear printmaking friends and colleagues!

We are happy to invite you to the 8th ENDEGRA – meeting in Imatra, Finland.

This ENDEGRA-meeting is a continuation of the international printmaking development, research and co-operation project started in Mölndal, Sweden, in 2009.

The workshop is organized for professional printmakers and students of printmaking. It is a European network that unites printmakers – from Greenland in the north, Scotland in the west, Spain in the south and Russia in the east – to cooperate, study and develop printmaking in a joint forum that allows for different kinds of exchanges.

Several workshops, lectures, trips and demonstrations on prospective new trends and materials will be arranged during the week in Imatra.

Please bring 2-3 graphic works with you; we will arrange an exhibition on these together with results from the workshop productions at the Krim and Keskus galleries.

• Costs:
Travelcosts on everyones own expense. There is a fast train connection from Helsinki to Imatra. Please, check details at We are pleased to meet you at the railway station in Imatra.

• Practicalities:
The accommodation at a local summer hotel (only a few hundred meters from the workshop) offers you bed linen in a bedsit at 15 e/day. Other accommodation options can be found at
Buffet lunch at the university restaurant costs 6 e/lunch. Materials (printing paper, ink, film) are provided by the workshop.

You are warmly welcome to exhibition openings, trips, sauna nights, networking, working and relaxing together and of course, the engaged open-table shows!

Enroll is now closed.

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Report from the outcome of our EU-application 2016, our 2nd application was not granted either.


Gothenburg 19 April 2016


Report from the outcome of our EU-application 2016

Our 2nd application was not granted either.

We recieved the same points as last time: 64 out of a 100 possible and wher 84 p would have been enough to get co-funding. Dissapointing at first, but…:

When we read the comments to our application, we saw that

  1. as we already knew, but hoped to budge some, was the priority that the Creative Europe programme hold as regard to direct public outcome. It is definitly more suitable for performing arts and different kinds of event culture. Our first aim for the Journey Man´s Walk was to strengthen and develop the exchange of advanced knowledge production within the field of printmaking; that is: our focus has all along been the production of art in the printmaking field. The public is and has always been a founding part of the ongoing communication in visual art. But the actual artmaking is as crucial as the public result. In this we take a different stance than the Creative Europe programme. They do not care how the art they call for is being produced.
  2. Their evaluation does not take into consderation the necessity of different strategies in different art making areas. ENDEGRA is a diverse network of print studios and organisations. The self-organized art scene that most of us belong to, of non-profit, artist run galleries and printshops cannot predict and control every detail in a project. We have to work more ad hoc to seize opportunities and avoid obstacles. To co-finance self organized areas in the artworld takes trust – but in the EU-programme for art and culture, trust is a scarce commodity. So here was a mis-match that we could not patch up.
  3. The evaluators also commented that our project did not give a positive enough presentation of the European Union. And yes, we did have quite a low profile on this requested praise, since we found this criteria to be problematic. In a democratic society, art and culture must have free space, also to critisize the prevailing power, not be expected to pay it tributes in exchange for co-funding.

So; it is clear that what we set out to do did not fit into the Creative Europe programme. We gave it a try. And now we will proceed.

We still have the ENDEGRA network, still the need and interest for the exchange of ideas and art and advanced knowledge production in printmaking. The annual meeting, this year in Imatra, Finland, will give us an excellent opportunity to discuss where and how we go from here. The work invested in the application and the residual values from that work, can be reused elsewhere. The Journey Man´s Walk has yet more outcomes and possibilities to it and can be adjusted to different terms and situations.

Kulturkontakt Nord has programmes that support networks, residencies, mobility, capacity development and production based activities that might suit our core interests in development and education in gafik/printmaking better.

Let´s meet in Imatra in August to work and discuss future possibilities!

Evaluation report



Subject: Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme (2014-2020) – ‘Support to European cooperation projects – Smaller scale cooperation projects’ – Call for proposals EACEA 32/2014 – Budget 2015 – Results of the selection procedure
Our application N°: 559222-CREA-1-2015-1-SE-CULT-COOP1, title Journeyman´s Walk. A Quest for Knowledge Production from Dürer to Digital


Download PDF: Evaluation report