This ENDEGRA-meeting in Imatra, Finland is a continuation of the international printmaking development, research and co-operation project started in Mölndal, Sweden, in 2009. The workshop is organized for professional print makers and students of printmaking. It is a European network that unites print makers – from Greenland in the north, Scotland in the west, Spain in the south and Russia in the east – to cooperate, study and develop printmaking in a joint forum that allows for different kinds of exchanges. Several workshops, lectures, trips and demonstrations on prospective new trends and materials will be arranged during the week in Imatra.

LINK: Information to participants of the 8th ENDEGRA meeting in Imatra 7-13 Augusti 2016

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The ENDEGRA network, (European Network for Development and Education in printmaking) is a network with institutional, collective and private printmaking workshops as members which each possess and manage, revise and develop knowledge of the different printing techniques.

ENDEGRA was initiated and built on a vocalized need for artistic and technical/craft-based knowledge exchange within the area of printmaking and held the constitutional meeting in 2009. It works to ameliorate the accessibility of traditional knowledge and from that accessibility, research and develop modern techniques and new print-based applications for contemporary professional artists and advanced art students. Thus, the aim is to improve production conditions for artists using traditional and new techniques within the area of printmaking.  The network has initiated great possibilities for artists and students to get in contact with a lot of different places and people and know-how and each year there is a meeting that member countries take turns to host; to work together, to summon up what has happened during the year, to discuss and debate, to participate in exhibitions, lectures and open table shows, to make new plans for the future and have a good time.